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The Biblical story that gives us the forboding phrase "the handwriting is on the wall" is set during a feast in the palace of Babylonia's last king, Belshazzar, hours before his kingdom would fall.  The festivities are disrupted by the apparition of a disembodied hand scribing upon the wall the words "mene, mene, tekel, upharsin."  Divined then as cryptic prophesy of doom for Belshazzar and Babylonia, the Aramaic words can be literally translated into English as: "It has been counted and counted, weighed and divided." Recent pronouncements and calculations about the fate of packaged and licensed software by those esteemed technological prophets of our day, IDC and other research firms, bring that story, phrase, and interpretation quickly to mind.  And, one can't help but wonder if King Larry and the many princes of non-SaaS software are any more prescient than were ... (more)

Nexaweb Wants To Put Your Legacy Apps In The Cloud

Remember the days of "client/server" computing?  Back when you did your job in your office at your desk, using a big, clunky desktop computer that was connected to a room full of big, clunky server computers somewhere in the building or the office park.  If you even had a cell phone, it was also big and clunky and only did voice calls.  The internet was for email and the web was little more than an electronic magazine.  Back then, "SaaS" was spelled differently and it was something you didn't want your kids to do, "clouds" were a game day worry, and there was no such thing as an ... (more)

Shots Across the Data Lake

Range Wars The settling of the American West brought many battles between ranchers and farmers over access to water. The farmers claimed land near the water and fenced it to protect their crops. But the farmers' fences blocked the ranchers' cattle from reaching the water. Fences were cut; shots were fired; it got ugly. About a century later, with the first tech land rush of the late1980s and early '90s - before the Web - came battles between those who wanted software and data to be centrally controlled on corporate servers and those who wanted it to be distributed to workers' de... (more)

Microsoft SSDS - Dumb Name, Brilliant Idea!

A Google News search for Microsoft SSDS, the SQL Server Data Services it announced last week, yields just six articles - SIX! A random nonsense search term probably returns more than six items.   But SSDS is a big deal, a strategy with far-reaching implications for many parts of the technology industry, deserving of more than six Google News hits. SSDS, as a part of Microsoft's emerging Web 2.0 superpower strategy serves notice to the status quo vendors, IBM, Sun, HP, Dell, EMC, CA, Symantec and many more, that Microsoft is about to get medieval on them.     SSDS is now in gen... (more)

MokaFive – Desktop To Go

MokaFive is slumming. Like Citrix, VMware and countless other vendors, they call themselves a “desktop virtualization” vendor, but they ain’t. Since 1959 the computing world has generally used the word virtual as a rough synonym for simulated as in “virtual disk in RAM,” or “virtual memory on disk,” or “virtual machine” in VMware, for that matter. Consistent with this usage is the latest virtual thingie, the virtual desktop, but among the solutions sporting this label, MokaFive is the thing that’s not like the others. There are at least five different flavors of desktop virtualiz... (more)